Chemogiftbags is the latest recipient of a COVID-19 Relief Fund grant from the John Sykes Foundation

Chemogiftbags, a charity that provides care packages for breast cancer patients, is the latest organisation to receive a COVID-19 Relief Fund grant from the John Sykes Foundation.

The charity, which is based in Woodley, applied for a grant to go towards raising necessary funds for supplies for their bags. These items include stuffing for heart shaped cushions, which help relieve some discomfort after surgery and whilst having chemotherapy, word search books that occupy the long hours of treatment, and wool for their blankets.

Chemogiftbags’s mission is to bring a little bit of hope and positivity to people through their gifts. Their bags of support and love offer comfort, respite, and care for those going through the chemotherapy due to breast cancer.

Lynne Shipton, Founder of Chemogiftbags, said, ‘Our bags provide support in so many ways. Whether it be a financial aspect as our bags are valued at £100 and at such times when having treatment for cancer it can become a costly time. So we have taken some of that financial burden away by providing items that they will need whist undergoing chemo. They educate, as the bags let people know what they might use, they also relieve some of the anxiety as we have provided a bag full of products so there is no need to be thinking what is required, we have done the thinking for them.

‘As well as our Chemogiftbags having a practical aspect they are also about caring, and as each bag is individually packed with love, this is the message we want to get across. It’s about offering support through our Chemogiftbags to breast cancer patients. When they receive our bags, many patients are overwhelmed that we have taken the trouble and thought about what others need for their treatment. It’s also the fact that many of us have been there and so many people send messages saying I wish we had this back when I had my chemo it would have made such a difference.’

John Sykes, Founder and Chair of Trustees at the John Sykes Foundation, visited Lynne and  Stephen Newport, Trustee and Treasurer at Chemogiftbags, to present the grant.

John commented, ‘I have seen first-hand the ideas, energy, and commitment of Lynne and her team at Chemogiftbags to reach more people who are experiencing Chemotherapy treatment for Breast Cancer. To be able to provide a donation of £1,000 to continue their passion is very exciting and a real honour. We look forward to a long-lasting relationship and seeing how the charity evolves in the coming years.

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