Chemogiftbags for men

Our gift bags are filled with useful products that will help whilst undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. We have changed  some of the items to be more appropriate for men.

All the items in our Chemogiftbags are all subject to availability. This is a list of what might be in your Chemogiftbag.

Disclaimer: Items in your Chemogiftbag are carefully selected. If you are unsure about the suitability or safety of an item please seek advise from your Breast Care Team or professional who are providing your treatment.

Whats In The Bag?

Whilst having your treatment you can feel cold, even though it might be a hot day outside. All our recipients appreciate a crafted blanket to keep them nice and warm and they can snuggle into.

Providing a puzzle book helps pass the time away whilst having treatment.

You will be given lots of information and times of appointments that you can jot down until you get home. It might be you also want to ask questions and writing it down will help you remember, many people have chemo fog whilst having treatment.

Your hair can be prone to fall out whilst having treatment so if you are trying to preserve it a wide toothed comb can help. It helps  to comb your hair so your not pulling and tugging and damaging the follicles. It is also an asset when your hair grows back so you can gently comb your new crowning glory, because it might not come back straight, it might come back tight curls, again this will help with easing the hair through the comb. 

A natural product with no parabens or chemicals as far as we are aware.

Chemo can give you many different tastes in your mouth, (metal Mickey). Having a mouth wash can hopefully leave your mouth refreshed and remove those nasty tastes.

Can be soothing to your skin whilst moisturising it.

Always good to have available.

This includes organic black nail polish, organic base coat, organic cuticle oil, buffer, nail file and cuticle stick.  Also instructions on how to care for your nails and do a basic manicure.

For all the different medications you might have.

If you have hair loss a beanie will help keep the heat in your body.

Helps if feet get cracked, some thing  soft and not rough to the skin.

A toiletry bag is provided with some essential items for every day use and an overnight stay in hospital if required.

Face Cloth.To be able to cleanse and wash your face.

Thermometer. To keep an eye on your temperature.

Toothpaste /Childs Tooth brush. A Childs tooth brush is provided as your gums can become sore whilst having chemo so the softer the tooth brush the better.

Natural Lip Balm. Lips may get dry.

Pocket Tissues. Provided as  your nose may get runny  and there might be a loss of nasal hair.

Anti Bacterial Hand Gel. To help prevent germs.

Available to cool you down.

We send a card that lets people going through treatment know that their is always people who can support them . Our cards are sent with love, hope and positivity and  they are designed especially for Chemogiftbags with you in mind and they are “From People Who Care”

At Chemogiftbags our heart shaped cushions are always commented on for how much they alleviate some of the discomfort after having breast cancer surgery. They can help provide comfort and support under the arm or chest.

Where do we deliver Chemogiftbags

We deliver Chemogiftbags to hospitals throughout the Thames Valley area. 

Request A Chemogiftbag

You can request one of our gift bags by filling in our online form.

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