Josie Wild’s Story


This is an inspiring story of Josie Wild, a young woman who has completed a selfless act of kindness by supporting breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Josie supported Chemogiftbags, , by running 5k a day. She began this challenge on January 1st, 2022 and will finish on December 31st, 2022. Her dedication and determination to this cause is truly remarkable, and her efforts will surely make a significant difference in the lives of breast cancer patients.

We believe that Josie’s story is one that deserves recognition and have featured Josie in our website and social media. Her commitment to helping others is an inspiration to us all, and we believe that her story has the power to touch the hearts of everyone who reads it.

Josie’s page is still LIVE, and you can support her and Chemogiftbags by donating to.…

This Is Josie Wilds Story

“I am SO proud of myself, and the video here brings me back so many memories of the different runs… in the sweltering heat, freezing cold, rainstorms… you name it, I’ve ran in it over the last year, but now I can officially say I am DONE!

My mother, Sarah Excell, was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago today, on New Year’s Eve 2021. I then thought I’d get back into my running to help me with my mental health whilst dealing with another family difficulty. Little did I know that this challenge would turn into a 365-day challenge, raising money for the fantastic charity that is Chemogiftbags.

When my mum started her chemotherapy treatment earlier this year, the care package she received from this wonderful charity meant it was an easy decision as to who I’d like to start putting my efforts to good use for, and to start raising some money for a worthy cause, and what a worthy cause they are!

Thank you to EVERYBODY, and I honestly mean EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU, for your messages, likes, comments, but most importantly, your donations – you have made this all worth it, and I am forever grateful!
My page is still open for a little while longer if you still wish to donate:

Lastly, just a well done to my mum. She is a brave, strong & courageous woman, who has been through A LOT this past year, but here’s to 2023, where things will be BETTER, BRIGHTER, and FULL of new MEMORIES!

Happy New Year everyone, let’s smash it”!!

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