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We are dedicated to helping ladies and gents who are currently undergoing a diagnosis for breast cancer and having chemotherapy. We supply gift bags that can help them through their treatment. We hope that by providing these care packages we will bring a little light to what is a daunting time. If we can bring a smile to those who receive our Chemogiftbags then our mission is achieved.

We haven't stopped!

Adhering to Govt guidelines we are still providing our amazing CHEMOGIFTBAGS to breast cancer patients having chemo therapy in the Thames Valley Area.

Our Gift Bags

All our Chemogiftbags are lovingly hand packed  and inside our bags you will have many of the items that you will require whilst having chemotherapy treatment.

A lot of thought has gone into the items we have chosen. All our toiletries we provide are natural/organic.

Everything is subject to availability.

What's in our gift bags?

You can still nominate someone for one of our Chemogiftbags.

Want to know more?

Get in touch and find out how to nominate someone.

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