Our Work

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring a little bit of hope and positivity to people through our gifts.  If we can bring a smile to someone’s face, then it’s mission accomplished!    We achieve our mission through our amazing Chemogiftbags.  These bags of support and love offer comfort, respite, and care for those going through the treatment of chemotherapy due to breast cancer in the Thames Valley Area.

The work we do

The work we do, the support we offer and the feedback we receive is truly inspiring and totally rewarding.  We never fail to be touched by our ability to really make a difference to a person’s life, albeit it in a relatively small way.  Of course, none of this would be possible without our team of amazing volunteers.  Without a doubt they are the driving force behind the success of our operation and without them we simply could not do what we do.  We thank every one of them for their hard work and contribution. 

Our Service

Our free service is about providing practical support to those breast cancer patients going through chemotherapy.  Whether it is an Oncology department, a friend, a relative or the patient themselves making the request we are always there ready to respond.   

When we’re first diagnosed with breast cancer, we are told a lot of things and given so much information.  In truth, not all of it sinks in.  It is hard enough to digest the news that we are ill without then trying to remember everything else we are being told.  So, part of our service is to do the thinking for you.  Through Chemogiftbags you will be assured that you are starting your treatment with all the essential items you need, giving you one less thing to worry about, relieving some of the anxiety experienced.

How have we done this?

We attribute our success to a combination of factors but at the heart of it all is our reliance upon donations and financial support and the contribution of our volunteers and ambassadors. We also hold our own events throughout the year.

Like all charities we need to continually raise money in order to keep replenishing and supplying our Chemogiftbags free of charge.  We do this through a variety of events, raffles and campaigns and we also work hard to build awareness of the challenges of Chemotherapy by attending events where we talk about our charity. 

We are always delighted to receive contributions in the form of required items for our bags. Sometimes people want to give content rather than cash but are unsure of what we need.  That’s no problem as all they need to do is go to our Amazon Wishlist, consider how much they want to spend and purchase one or more items from our list.  The item/s will be delivered straight to the charity. 

Please see our ‘Donate’ page for more information on how you can do this?  Or add links?

Our volunteers and ambassadors are the people we rely on to pack and deliver our bags, hold the fundraising events, collect donations, run the warehouse, and support us with a host of admin activities.  But it does not stop there.  We also have an army of crafters, knitters and sewers who spend their time making items for the bags (blankets, quilts, cushions, drain bags, makeup bags).  This support is as valued as the cash we receive as without both working hand in hand, we simply could not sustain our success. 

Our Aims

Our aims are simple really – to continue to do more of what we do today, to support even more people than we do today and to keep increasing the number of lives we touch and people we help. 

Our values and beliefs

Providing an outstanding service to our recipients is everything to us and we are totally inclusive in how we deliver this service.  The only eligibility requirement for a Chemogiftbag is that a person is going through chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer in the Thames Valley Area and is over 18 years old.  We will never discriminate or exclude on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, physical or mental ability. We will always show kindness and empathy to all recipients of our service. 

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