Breast Cancer In Men

Did you know that breast cancer affects men as well as women?

Each year around 1 out of 100 men are diagnosed.  This is why Chemogiftbags has supported men from day one.  We believe that more men need to know how to check their chest and be aware of the signs to look for inorder to detect breast cancer early.  It is important for men of all ages to check their breasts and pick up on any changes.

For further information and to see a picture of how to check please refer to the NHS website ( Our information has been taken from here and was last updated in March 2020.

Please share this with your husbands, sons, family members and friends.

Let’s get sharing and checking!

List of symptoms

Lumps under or around the nipple, mainly painless. May feel hard and rubbery and does not move around.  Feels bumpy rather than smooth and get bigger over time.

Look Out For

Nipple turning inwards, fluid oozing from the nipple, a sore or a rash around the nipple that does not go away, the nipple or surrounding skin becoming hard, red, or swollen or small bumps in the arm pits.

Other symptoms can include:

Feeling tired all the time, aching or painful bones, shortness of breath, feeling sick, or itchy skin.

Gentlemen will get the same side effects from chemotherapy which is why a Chemogiftbag is as important and useful to them as it is for ladies. 

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