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I’ve been supporting Chemogiftbags for the past few years now.

Before choosing a charity for my business to support, I thought long and hard about the right choice that would work with my business.

With offering Semi Permanent Makeup to those who have lost there brows or lashes for what ever reason, what better choice than a charity that help women and men through chemotherapy treatment, one of the most challenging times of their lives.

The personal touch “Lynne” and her team have is what makes Chemogiftbags stand out to me.
Many of my clients are seeing me due to upcoming chemotherapy in fear of loosing their brows and lashes or post treatment hoping to rebuild their image after finishing their treatment.

I reached out to Lynne and the team as I wanted two things, firstly to help those pre or post treatment by offering as much of a discount on our services as possible, enabling as many women as possible to look in the mirror every day with full, natural semi permanent brows or eyeliner and see themselves again, not just the reminder of the treatment they have endured.

Secondly, as an Aesthetics Therapist I am privileged to have many of my clients trust and open up to me about their fears and worries. I wanted to have somewhere I knew I could link my clients with where they could seek out any further advise or information they needed from women who had been where they are.

Thanks to Chemogiftbags I now have a bespoke heavily discounted package for women who deserve so much more than digitally microbladed brows, but it’s something I can do to help them keep hold of themselves that little bit more whilst going through treatment.

Chemogiftbags have generously provided each client of mine starting their chemotherapy with their incredible gift bags full of items they will need but would never have thought of. They also offer that support network to many women I have through my doors feeling very frightened or alone.

I’m so proud to work with Chemgiftbags and know I can really help give women going through breast cancer not only heavily discounted treatments, but advise, a place to turn to and an amazing bag (which is more of a huge sack!) containing so many important items to help them through their chemotherapy.

Emma Stone
Aesthetic, Semi Permanent Makeup & Skin Specialist
0118 437 8442


Get a discount with us by quoting code: GIFTBAG15

Zao Makeup was intrigued to hear that our black nail polishes were much needed for patients following chemotherapy, in order to protect nails from UV damage that occurs post-treatment. It was exciting to learn that we could really make a difference to these patients’ lives, as makeup and nail polishes are generally seen as frivolous and fun. In this case, our nail polishes are anything but.
Chemogiftbags is an amazing charity that is built on the personal experience of its volunteers who themselves have undergone chemotherapy, and so every item in their gift bag is chosen wisely and thoughtfully. Our nail polishes are ’10 free’, meaning that they are free of 10 known toxicants traditionally found in nail polish and are therefore a perfect fit (gift) given the intended recipients’ health histories. We are delighted to partner with such a worthwhile charity and are truly honoured to be able to help such a fantastic and much-needed initiative to help people navigate their lives post-chemotherapy.

Regards Lyndsey

Breedon Perfumery is delighted to be supporting Chemogiftbags, we were made aware of the amazing charity by seeing an article in the Oxford Mail and immediately got in touch.

Here at Breedon Perfumery our passion lies in the promotion of self care. We understand from a personal point of view how important it is to take time out for yourself and be in the moment, surrounded by whatever brings you happiness. For us it’s a blessing to be able to provide people with feeling like they are pampered and smelling incredible. If only for a short amount of time it is our passion and purpose to be able to help people feel great and smell amazing.

Instantly we wanted to donate some of our Original Splendidly Soapy Witney Soap Sponges to go in the incredible Chemogiftbags to bring a little bit of pampering and comfort when it is needed the most. We love the ethos of Chemogiftbags, enabling people to feel cared for, loved and looked after, at what is undoubtedly one of the most difficult periods in their life whilst undergoing chemotherapy.

We feel truly honoured to be able to be working with Chemogiftbags and look forward to building a long lasting relationship with such an amazing charity.

Breedon Perfumery

myHRdept is a boutique HR consultancy based in Bray. It supports small to medium-sized employers who don’t have internal HR Staff as well as large corporates who need occasional specialist advice. Offering the full range of HR services, from contracts & policies, to admin, employee relations/legal case management to Learning & Development and Company Strategy, myHRdept has a service to suit any budget.

Catherine, now a Chemogiftbags Ambassador, one of myHRdept’s Directors received a Giftbag in June 2019 just before commencing chemotherapy for breast cancer. Overwhelmed by the generosity of those who set up Chemogiftbags and those who donated to the cause, Catherine wanted to help, so with the support of her business partner (and husband) offered to pay for the development of a new website to spread the word and keep the good work going.

I have supported Chemogiftbags since the very early stages of the charity.
The work they do is of great comfort to the recipients who receive a bag.
I wanted to support a local charity and decided on Chemogiftbags, they do such good work and as a small charity they also need awareness of what they do.
By supporting them at my shop I can help in many ways.

About Kate

I design and create one of a kind headpieces for all occasions. Each piece is carefully planned to suit your requirements. Online orders and worldwide shipping is welcome but if you are able to visit me in my funny little shop it would be fantastic! I’m open Fridays and Saturdays at The Sanctuary Barn in Berkshire.

My passion for hats started early. I whole heartedly believe dressing up should be fun and affordable. I love to use naturally sourced feathers and modern dying techniques, alongside traditional millinery materials and methods.
From neat vintage inspired pill boxes to wowing the race-goer. Subtle bridal to Mother of the Bride, my collections are eclectic and unique.

My love of costume and fantasy allows me to create something for everyone. From Drag shows and theatre to high-end fashion shoots. I am very lucky to have worked with many wonderful people and really look forward to meeting you.

Kate Cook
Head Vandal
Vandalised with Love
Modern Bespoke Millinery
07776 188254

The John Sykes Foundation is a UK registered charity focused on the town of Reading.  The Foundation’s key objective is to improve the lives and well-being of individuals and communities within the town where there is an element of disadvantage.

The Foundation was family founded in 2014 and is personally supported by the Sykes Family who has pledged to donate 20% of their wealth to the charity. Whilst the town of Reading has been very good to the Sykes Family over the years, they are only too aware that whilst Reading is a thriving town, there are so many ways they can provide support to those less fortunate.

To deliver its objective, the charity provides grants to non-profit groups, other registered charities and trusts, as well as helping individuals on an independent basis who reside within the town.  The Trustees aim to be responsive to where need is greatest and therefore supports a wide range of charitable activities.  The only limitation is that (unless in extremely unique circumstances) any grant benefits individuals and communities based in Reading and the immediate surrounding suburbs of the town.


We at HeadWrappers are delighted to be working closely alongside Chemogiftbags.  A fantastic charity offering gift bags to those people who are undergoing a diagnosis for breast cancer and are having chemotherapy.  The bags are full of goodies, many of which would prove to be very useful whilst having chemotherapy

Organic Works

We have been making gentle and clinically tested skincare for a long time and with many friends and family who have suffered with cancer we know what a challenging experience time this can be. Chemogitfbags is that rare entity; a charity run by people with an ethos that can shine some light into that darkness and make things a little better, so Organic Works is proud to support them in this endeavour in any way that we can.

Lions Club of Reading

Fundraising during a pandemic was extremely challenging, so when we were approached by Chemogiftbags for a grant from our limited reserves, there was no question of support.

With so many people touched by Cancer, these bags add quality during treatment. Timely focusing on much needed positive feelings and a reminder of normality at a stressful time. If like Reading Lions you can see the benefits of Chemogiftbags, then why not donate too and add quality to life by helping fund a Chemogiftbag.

Andy Young


Idio Web Services

Idio have worked with many charities over the years, as well as with MyHRDept, another of Chemogiftbags supporters. When they were contacted by Catherine from MyHRDept because they were having problems with their web presence Idio were happy to step in and help.

Working closely with Chemogiftbags they not only sorted out the immediate crisis situation with the web presence, but then undertook the full redesign and continue to support the charity’s digital presence.

Idio work with charities to provide affordable online solutions.

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