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I received my bag a few months back and it was such a thoughtful selection of items all of which I used and still use. I was also lucky enough to win the hamper that was on offer the other week. It was lovely to meet Lynne when she was kind enough to drop it round to me.
Glad my contribution will go towards more bags to help others like myself battling Cancer xxx

Sam Neal

A wonderful charity and it really helped me at a very difficult time. Thanks Chemogiftbags!

Annette Zara Taylor

Such an amazing idea. A little helpful pick me up at a time when very much needed. Thanks ladies!

Charisse Carson

I received a Chemogiftbag nearly 5 years ago. It was packed with essentials to help me through Chemo treatment. It had a beautifully made heart shaped cushion which I still use today when my arm is uncomfortable, a blanket to keep you warm plus lots of other goodies. All a great help.

Judi Hoy

I have just been the lucky recipient of a chemogiftbag. Very touched by the thought that has gone into putting it together. It is packed full of items to help me on my journey and hopefully make it easier. What a wonderful idea. Thank you.

Krysia Hurford

An amazing charity supporting our breast cancer patients through their treatment - thanks to everyone for these wonderful bags of goodies!

Caroline Holmes

Definitely recommend Chemogiftbags. My sister received her on Wednesday so many lovely goodies in the bag to help her on her journey Thank you Chemogiftbags- lovely, lovely people.

Jenny Witcher

What a pick me up today amongst all those nerves pre starting chemo. Can’t thank you enough for my very extensive bag of goodies filled with love and thought x great job guys, well done x x

Sarah Nicole Hazard

An amazing Charity who, deliver a much appreciated gift bag full of useful goodies to help you through your treatment.

Michaela Gartside

Thank you so much for this very welcome gift The blanket and pillow were a godsend! And I know all the other lovely things are going to be very useful later down the line I recommend this entire bag of gifts with a full heart, with a promise that when I am more able I will find ways to contribute and by urging others to do the same when accepting this extraordinary gift.

Liz Melia

An amazing charity. Lynne brought me a Chemogiftbag just after I'd received a devastating breast cancer diagnosis. The gift bag was filled with all kinds of goodies I was going to need to help me through chemotherapy. The charity really helped me at a time of need and vulnerability.

Wendy Chadwick

I nominated my sister for a Chemogiftbag and she was thrilled with it. She was met on the morning of her first chemo session by a lovely lady and it definitely was a welcome distraction for her. It’s such a lovely idea, thank you so much.

Jennie Bedford

A special gift for people at a dark time. Small comforts well thought out, to hopefully ease the side effects of chemotherapy & put a smile on their face.

Sandra Leary

What a wonderful idea. When you are going through this difficult journey it’s such a really nice, thoughtful thing to receive. Thank you.

Laura Dance

I received a Chemogift bag from Mary at Bracknell Healthspace last year. I was surprised to find my bag bursting at the seams containing a cushion, blanket, toiletries, hot & cold mugs, puzzle & note-books to pass the time & so much more. A totally amazing gift. Having recently had surgery I find the beautiful heart shaped cushion provides me with so much support in easing discomfort, day & night. Thank you to all who donate to this worthy cause & everyone involved at Chemogiftbags. A priceless & uplifting gift at a time when it’s needed the most. Bless you all.

Maggie Walters

Thank you for the lovely Chemogiftbags so many useful items and well thought out. it was lovely to meet Sandra & Bob who delivered the bag and have so much passion for the charity. I would definitely recommend contacting the charity as they really help people feel positive through a difficult time coping with the effects of cancer. Thanks again to everyone involved.

Abigail Webb

I was nominated in January by a friend when I was halfway through my chemo. I was in a low place and I was overwhelmed by the wonderful thoughtful gifts that were in the bag, they really lifted me. The cushion was my saviour in March after my op, and I am still using the Organic toiletries having just finished my radiotherapy. Thank you xx

Claire Howells

Chemogiftbag arrived on my first chemotherapy day. It was nice surprise and lifted my mind up! Thank you so much for your support. I’ll donate money and support others.

Yuri Matsumura

An amazing bunch of people doing an amazing job x Thank you

Julia Titus

I recently found out that my next door neighbour had a breast cancer diagnosis. Another friend has been on that same journey this past year and I had heard about the gift bags through her. I contacted Chemogiftbags and had a reply by email within about an hour. I nominated my neighbour as someone to receive a bag. Lynne from Chemogiftbags was thoughtful in setting up my collection of a bag and delivery to my neighbour, very promptly. Thanks for the great work you are doing Lynne and team. Kelly

Kelly Lambert

My youngest daughter nominated me for a chemo gift bag after seeing a poster on the wall at Bracknell, Brants Bridge. I took delivery of it a couple of weeks later. The bag resembled that of Mary Poppins! So much kept coming out as I dived in to have a look. A lot of effort went into that bag, from the choice of goods to the quality of the home- produced crochet blanket and heart cushion. Still use cushion to sleep with at night as still have some discomfort and that helps enormously. Well done to all who put the work in to produce these bags. I was well chuffed with mine.

Debbie Parker

Hi I saw a poster for this amazing charity whilst having a check-up recently and have just donated 2 bottles of lacquers from @my Lil Nail Corner, looking forward to donating more, what a fab idea!! Emma has donated more items to Chemogiftbags thank you.